The Azimut 88

The Azimut 88 Model Year 2011

Model Year 2011

Re-designing the interior of what was already a masterpiece in terms of style and function was an important challenge for the Azimut Style Department which worked together with the architect Achille Salvagni.

Azimut 88 Model Year 2011 is the result of extensive work involving the Azimut Style Department and the architect Achille Salvagni who worked inside the boat, a model which already had excellent characteristics. The main new features of the latest series are the layout of the cabin area and the decor.

The layout of the owner’s cabin has been changed and the bathroom area has been moved towards the stern to create a zone that more effectively insulates the accommodation from the noise of the engine room. This new plan also provides improved, more private cabin access and a more functional furnishing layout. On the left, in full light, a dinette area has been created with two armchairs and a table. Opposite the window is the vanity. The wardrobes are built-in and ultra-spacious for clothes, suitcases and accessories.

The Azimut 88 Model Year 2011

The second change to the interior plan can be seen in the saloon where the modified staircase, which leads down to the master cabin, has allowed the bathroom to be positioned lengthways, providing extra space for the dining area.

When you board the new Azimut 88 you are immediately aware of the new decor, which is evident in the changed forms of design details like the handles, with a play of walnut and ebony, and in the free-standing elements that add further interest to the interior.

The architect Salvagni has shaped the materials, softening the edges and creating new curves, resulting in a continuum between ceilings and walls. The portals that separate the rooms form a new path, inviting you to walk through the softness of the new rounded forms.

The roundness of the new style is also reflected in the owner’s cabin, taking the form of a wrap-round bedhead, comprising the nightstands. The wardrobe opening slots are another interesting design feature: their shape invites you to open the wardrobe and plunge into the comfort of your clothes. Mirror surfaces, which further increase the perception of space, are also very much in evidence.

The exterior has not changed, with the flybridge surface of 55 square metres offering a real terrace over the sea. The large asymmetrical glass panels in the hull and the magic areas like the 10 square metre cockpit and the equipped stern remain.

The Azimut 88 Model Year 2011Azimut 88 is 26.80 m long and 6.40 metres wide. It has four guest cabins, two for the crew and five bathrooms: one per cabin plus the day head on the main deck. It is equipped with two 1825 mhp Cat C32 Acert engines and has a maximum speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed of 26.

Azimut Yachts, an Azimut-Benetti Group brand, is the leading producer of 40- to 120- foot luxury yachts. The most extensive line in the world, Azimut Yachts is known for its innovation, style, comfort, and elegance. It has four collections designed to satisfy varied customer preferences: Flybridge, S, Grande and the latest addition, Magellano, which is pioneer in the cruising world, paying careful attention to safety and the environment.

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