Chopard Diamond

Chopard Diamond

An exceptional Diamond

A tireless tracker of mineral splendours, Chopard unveils a fabulous 85-carat emerald-cut diamond of extreme purity matched by sparkling whiteness. Like the legendary Koh-I-Noor, the 105.6-carat Golconda diamond set on the crown of England, or the Regent, formerly worn by Queen Marie-Antoinette and currently preserved in the Louvre Museum, this exceptional gemstone is destined to enjoy an extraordinary fate.

Representing a perfect blend of beauty, radiance and mystery, the diamond is the most mythical of all precious stones. And when it embodies such exceptional qualities as this 85.28-carat stone, it naturally enters the hallowed circles of truly extraordinary gems. The extreme limpidity, whiteness and clarity of the stone acquired by the jeweller place it in the IIA class, an extremely rare and pure category accounting for approximately 1% of all diamonds. Stones of such perfection and such size historically originate from the Indian mines of Golconda, which were indeed the only known diamond mines until the 19th century. Renowned for their perfect white colour, their distinctive lustre and their transparency, Golconda diamonds are among the most sought-after and celebrated in the world.

A Diamond like the legendary Koh-I-NoorEndowed with the same assets as these gemstones that have enjoyed a historical destiny, the diamond unveiled by Chopard is already unleashing passions, including that of Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele, Co-President of the House and Creative Director, who confides: “I love gems. I have seen a lot of them in my career, but the beauty of this particular one surpasses most others, and it is truly exceptional.” This natural-born designer constantly travels the globe in search of the finest stones. She then draws inspiration from her numerous journeys and encounters in order to transcend and exalt, with the help of the designers in the Haute Joaillerie department, the priceless treasures she brings back with her. We can safely state that this fabulous 85-carat diamond will once again enable her to express the full scope of her talent.

Calling upon the creativity, sensitivity and expertise of all members of the production team, who exercise a range of skills developed and mastered within the Chopard workshops over the years, creating a piece of jewellery around this incomparable stone represents a substantial challenge. But nothing can resist the peerless experience and dexterity of the in-house artisans. This gem, however precious and imposing, will be tamed by the jewellers’ expert fingers and thus lend itself to being transformed into the most dazzling of creations.