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Introducing also a new yellow colour variant

B&O Play announces its high quality, portable sound system, Beolit 12, has won the coveted red dot design award 2012 for best product design.


The red dot award is an international product design honour awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Wesfalen in Essen, Germany. Its highly acclaimed “red dot”, is an internationally recognized quality label for excellent design and innovation. As described by the red dot organization, “1,800 manufacturers and designers from 58 countries were hunting for the acknowledged red dot – the quality seal for aesthetic forms and lasting trends”.

“We appreciate the recognition from red dot. Our engineers have worked diligently with Beolit 12’s designer to create a thoughtful product that delivers amazing audio quality, a clean and simple user experience and aesthetic design that all blends together,” states Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Vice President B&O PLAY. “We are happy that our hard work has been noticed by red dot, just as the international media has recognized Beolit 12’s quality design and performance through many positive product reviews.”

In the comming months, B&O PLAY is announcing a new yellow variant of the Beolit 12. It features a light grey cabinet, natural aluminium grille, yellow speaker fabric and a natural leather strap. The new variant complements the dark grey version already introduced, and gives customers a wider variety and ability to choose a design that best match their lives.

Additionally a new Beolit Set Up application is also now available on the Apple App Store to assist in AirPlay set up via ones smart phone device, allowing for easier, more convenient AirPlay set up.