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Fabergé - Le carnet de bal


Mark your dance card

The Fabergé Le Carnet de Bal collection of white diamond jewellery celebrates the scintillating festivities – banquets, balls, soirees – that were such a vital and vibrant feature of St Petersburg society and Fabergé’s world in the early 20th century. Part of the protocol and tradition of great balls, Le Carnet de Bal was a dance card, a tiny, often elaborate, booklet, with ivory pages, sometimes encased in silver, on which ladies would write the names of partners for particular dances. The order of dances and partners held special significance, often fuelling the romantic intrigue that rippled around the ballroom.


Le Carnet de Bal is Fabergé’s first all white diamond collection of contemporary classic jewels, combining modernity with Fabergé’s unrivalled heritage to create the richness and warmth of timeless family heirlooms. Designed for day into evening wear, each Le Carnet de Bal jewel can be worn on its own, complemented by other designs in the collection, or mixed with personal, muchloved treasures.

LE CARNET DE BALThe choice and mix of jewels brings an element of individuality to the collection. Le Carnet de Bal designs are linked by a lyrical, fluid thread of line and form, conjuring up the soft drifts of silk, lace and ribbon of exquisite ball gowns, and the music and dance, the waltz, quadrille, cotillion and mazurka, the constant rhythmic flow of guests. Classic motifs, like the ribbon bow, or the “girandole”, with their echoes of the 18th century and the Belle Epoque, are re-interpreted in quintessentially feminine jewels called Ruban de Lumiere, or Ruban de Bal, the spirited dances are captured in the dramatic swirls of the Mazurka bangle and ring, the flutter of a fan transformed into the Eventail ring, and the blaze of light and warmth embodied in the White Fire ring and Lustre pendant.