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The Mystery of Time - Page 2

The Home of the HeartThe pillar is closed during nighttime, almost inconspicuous, but in the morning awakens to magical life. Simultaneously with the first sun rays, the surface opens up and makes way for the treasure on the inside. Slowly what is stored on the inside finds it way to the outside... The chapel arrives to slowly open up, similar to a flower, to unblock the view on the GRAND COMPLICATION.

The Chapel

Twice a day this spectacle can be witnessed; a future owner can even activate this feature at will. Not only the high degree of complication, with real innovations of clock making, but during the refinement, too, highest standards are set. From stainless steel to gold, from exotic woods to mammoth ivory, from Ruby to Brilliant, from Quartz to noble Marble - only best materials are used. Yet, the most important factor is that these are applied according to the wishes of a special man... the future owner of this masterwork... [Source: Atelier Knesebeck]

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